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The Ohio State PPE Society

A student organization dedicated to creating community around PPE outside the classroom

  • Upcoming meetings: Meetings are alternating Mondays at 6pm, in University Hall 353

  • More info: Follow us on Instagram at ppesocietyosu 

PPE Society Leadership

  • Jacob Scheinblum (President and Secretary; PPE and Chinese double major)
  • Elyse Reed (Vice President; PPE and English double major)
  • Mary Paydock (Treasurer; PPE and Music Performance [Percussion] double major)
  • Adam Ahmed (Member Development Chair; PPE major)
  • Tabbi Ghulam (Social Media Coordinator; PPE and Philosophy double major)

Jacob Scheinblum
Jacob Scheinblum, President
Elyse Reed
Elyse Reed, Vice President
Mary Paydock
Mary Paydock, Treasurer
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed, Member Development Chair
Tabbi Ghulam
Tabbi Ghulam, Social Media Coordinator










Contact the PPE Society

For more information, or to get on the email list, write to: scheinblum.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu

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A Network of PPE Societies

  • The OSU PPE Society is an official chapter of the international PPE Society
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